Writer, Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Caroline Watson - TV Land, A. Brie, J. Martel, I. Roberts - d/Richie Keen
Investigation Discovery
   Marty Malone (Lead) - The Discovery Channel - d/Alex Flaster
What’s Third Base?
   Ensemble - Above Average Productions - d/Alex Fendrich
Teachers (web series)
   Writer, Caroline Watson - The Katydids, M. Miller, & Cap Gun - d/Matt Miller
Get Cash 4 Rights
   Writer, Spokesperson - KateLambert.com - d/Bobby Richards
How to Sponsor a Uterus
   Writer, Diane O'Connor - KateLambert.com - d/Bobby Richards
How to Live Like Beyonce
   Writer, Beyonce 3 - The Katydids - d/Chris Pagnozzi
Adults & Tiaras
   Writer, Destiny Hope - The Katydids - d/Bobby Richards
Schlub Life
   Camille - Jamie Kennedy Entertainment - d/Andy Miara
Norton by Symantec: Stuff Theatre (web)
   Improviser - Leo Burnett - d/Alex Fendrich
Various Shorts
   Various Roles, Writer - The Second City Network
The Shop
   Angry Customer - CCC Films - d/Frey Hoffman
Midwest Teen Intercourse Program
   Suzy - Midwest Teen Sex Show - d/Guy Clark
First Bass
   The Other Woman - First Bass Productions - d/Jonah Ansell
Theatre, Sketch & Improv
Let Them Eat Chaos
   Ensemble - The Second City Mainstage - d/Matt Hovde
Second City Touring Company
   Ensemble, Writer - The Second City - d/P. Procaccini
American Mixtape
   Ensemble, Writer - The Second City UP Comedy Club - d/Billy Bungeroth
TBS Just For Laughs
   Improviser - Above Average Productions
Sky's The Limit (Weather Permitting)
   Ensemble (US) - The Second City e.t.c. - d/Matt Hovde
One Nation Under 1%
   Ensemble (US) - The Second City UP Comedy Club - d/Billy Bungeroth
The History of Chicago
   Ensemble - The Second City UP Comedy Club - d/T. Shanoff, M. Napier
Second City Theatricals
   Ensemble - Norwegian Cruise Line - d/Sandy Marshall
The Katydids
   Ensemble, Writer - iO (formerly Improv Olympic) - d/Anthony LeBlanc
The Armando Diaz Experience
   Improviser - iO
Virgin Daiquiri
   Improviser - iO
The Deltones
   Guest Improviser - iO
Whirled News Tonight
   Guest Improviser - iO
Pardon Me; I'm Not Sorry
   Ensemble, Writer - Donny's Skybox Studio Theatre - d/Anthony LeBlanc
Dying to Find a Cure
   Ensemble, Writer - Studio BE - d/Matt Kelley
Social Graceless
   Ensemble, Writer - Donny's Skybox Studio Theatre - d/Anthony LeBlanc
Listen, Kid...
   Ensemble - Donny's Skybox Studio Theatre - d/Aaron Graham
   Karen - Stage Left Theatre - d/Jay Steigmann
Print & Commercial
Clorox Ick Awards (Twitter event)
   Actor, Improviser - The Second City Communications - d/Jeff Hadick
Fed Ex (web commercial)
   Ms. Griffin - The Second City Communications - d/Johnny Bruder
Ritz Crackers (web commercial)
   Shopper - Muster Masters Pictures LLC - d/Aaron Fronk
Bosch (web commercial)
   Cashier - Utopic - d/Al Wyatt
Special K: What Will You Gain? (print)
   Talent - Leo Burnett
Voice Over
Old Second Bank
   Wife - Cerny American
Liberty Mutual (radio)
   Interviewee - Hill Holliday, LLC
Improvisation Conservatory
   The Second City Training Center (Norm Holly, Michael Gellman, Tim O'Malley)
Musical Conservatory
   The Second City Training Center (Michael Descoteaux)
Solo Improvisation
   The Second City Training Center (Andy Eninger)
Improvisation Program
   iO (Joe Bill, Noah Gregoropoulos)
Chekhov Master Class
   European Repertory (Yesan Peyankov)
   Wake Forest University (Teresa Radomski)
B.A., Theatre
   Wake Forest University
Awards & Honors
Best Supporting Actress (nominee)
   Gold Coast Film Festival - Teachers' webisode: Fairy Tales
Irene Ryan Nomination
   Wake Forest University - Excellence in Acting
Caroline Award
   Wake Forest University - Best Actress
Special Skills
Alto & soprano II
Comedic writing
Tap dancing
British R.P.
Southern accent